The Ultimate Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets You Will Absolutely Love !!!

For the past 25 years at the Ultimate Kitchen, we have specialized in refinishing and refacing kitchen cabinets. Our Refinishing service is much like furniture refinishing in that we will take your old, worn, outdated cabinets and refinish them with an up to date finish of your choice including custom stains, colors, and/or distressing without the cost of door and drawer replacement.

Our Refacing service will provide you with your choice of a wide variety of door and drawer styles including raised panel and shaker style. We can also provide, assemble, refinish, and install brand new kitchen cabinets. Need a complete remodel and design? We got you covered on that too.

*For Refinishing – The process includes taking all of your drawers and cabinet doors offsite to our shop to be refinished in the color/stain, and finish of your choosing. Your kitchen will be prepped with tape and plastic to allow spraying onsite in your home.

The entire kitchen and/or bathroom will be sanded (stripped, if necessary), made the appropriate stain/color on the interior and exteriors, and finally sprayed in the finish of your choosing.

We will reinstall all doors, drawers, and hardware and perform minor touchups and color matches if necessary once the finish in the kitchen has had a chance to dry. Most kitchen jobs take approximately one week’s time (5-7 Business Days).

At the Ultimate Kitchen, we know how important your kitchen is to you. The Kitchen is the “heart” of every home. It is where family meals take place, it is where everyone gathers on holidays, it’s usually the first place you go when you get home from a long day’s work. When you put your trust in us with the heart of your home, you can be assured that we will make you proud of the result.

Cabinet Services We Offer:

-Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

-Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

-Complete Kitchen Designs & Rebuilds

-New Cabinet Sales, Assembly, & Installation

-New Hardware Installation

-Custom Colors

-Antiquing (Applying a stain over a colored lacquer)

-Island Building

No Kitchen Is Complete Without Beautiful Countertops

Interior of a Well-Lit Kitchen

While your cabinets will leave observers breathless, the countertops are the item that truly accentuates your kitchen and gives it life. A beautiful granite, quartz, or natural stone countertop can take your kitchen from noticeable to “Wow”, just like that.

At the Ultimate Kitchen, we wouldn’t leave you with only half of your kitchen’s ultimate potential, so of course we do countertops too. From granite, to quartz, to natural stone and marble, to even custom built wooden countertops — whatever style countertop you are looking for, we can provide and install.

Our experts will give you information on which countertops highlight certain cabinets and colors best, what is better for open concept kitchens, island countertops, etc. – so you can know you are getting the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen possible.

Our goal is to make your kitchen look great and you happy. On those two accounts we will not fail.

Countertop Services We Offer:




-Natural Stone

-Custom Built and Refinished


-Full Slabs